Dev Motwani

Dev Motwani
President & CEO
Merrimac Ventures

Dev Motwani serves as President of Merrimac Ventures, a Fort Lauderdale based real estate firm that focuses on value-add investment and development opportunities. Property types owned and operated include hotels, condos, retail, and rental apartments throughout the United States with a primary focus on Florida. He is also a partner in the Lauderdale Air Show, having led the charge to bring the show back in 2012.

Dev is also Founder and Managing Partner of Ramesh Properties, a distressed real estate investment fund focused on opportunistic investments in residential and commercial development sites throughout South Florida. He currently is involved with over $1 billion in development projects. Current projects include the Four Seasons Hotel and
Private Residences, The Gale Boutique Hotel and Residences, Broadstone Oceanside, and the Flagler Village Hotel, all in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Dev is Founder and Managing Partner of Chieftain Residential, a yield-oriented distressed residential fund purchasing single-family homes and residential land, primarily in the Southeast US and Texas. The fund aims to balance current income opportunities through the rental markets for its single family home inventory, while also targeting capital appreciation in single family homes and residential land.

Prior to his current role Dev worked at Credit Suisse in New York City, where he first structured OTC Equity Derivative trades for the firm’s largest corporate clients and then for the firm’s largest hedge fund clients. Before that he worked in the White House and on the 2000 Gore/Lieberman Presidential Campaign.

Dev plays an active role in the South Florida Community, through his involvement with numerous charities and business organizations, currently serving on the board of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts Foundation, Broward College Foundation, Orange Bowl Host Committee and the Crockett Foundation.

Dev graduated from Duke University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics and Public Policy and from Columbia University’s Masters of Science in Real Estate Development Program. He has also studied at the London School of Economics.