About the Florida Multifamily Summit

Entering its 7th year, the RealInsight Florida Multifamily Summit is one of the most anticipated conferences of the year consistently attracting the most prominent and active leaders in the multifamily industry, not just from South Florida but from across the nation. This year, we have kept what has made this event so special to owners, investors and developers including the main stage, where we tackle hard-hitting issues. In addition, we have added new features this year, including private peer-to-peer roundtables and the pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings platform, to create an even more valuable experience than ever before.

Owners, operators, investors, developers and financiers from across Florida and into the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions travel to attend this event to gain market intelligence, connect with deal partners, hone operational techniques and explore investment opportunities. This is a must-attend event!

Reasons to attend:

  • Get fresh ideas on where new opportunities are hidden
  • Learn smart strategies for retooling existing properties to expand yields
  • Discover new capital sources to match your acquisition or refinance strategy
  • Find out which innovations renters are driving incremental revenue
  • Set up one-to-one meetings with select capital partners and deal sponsors*
  • Share ideas and challenges in a closed-door, peer-to-peer roundtable*

* Exclusive / limited-access


John Bezzant

John Bezzant
Aimco Apartment Homes

Christopher Finlay

Chris Finlay
Chairman / CEO
Lloyd Jones Investment Management

Andy Hellinger

Andrew Hellinger
Co-Founder & Principal
UrbanX Group

Neal Herman

Neal Herman

Claire Michaels

Claire Michaels
Regional Vice President
Fairfield Residential

Henry Pineiro

Henry Pineiro
Executive Director of Property Management
The Allen Morris Company

Moshe Popack

Moshe Popack
YMP Real Estate Management

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders
Founder and Principal
Fifteen Group

Ryan Shear

Ryan Shear
Property Markets Group

James Stine

James Stine
Ram Realty Services

Philip Tague

Philip Tague
President of AMLI Residential & Chairman of AMLI Development Company (ADC) / EVP at AMLI
AMLI Residential

Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl
Pinnacle Housing Group

Mike D'Onofrio

Mike D’Onofrio
Managing Director
Engineered Tax Services

Danielle Gonzalez

Danielle Gonzalez
Greenberg Traurig

Marc Suarez

Marc Suarez
Hunt Real Estate Capital

Featured Participants

David Adler

Adler Group

Matt Adler

Mast Capital

David Canfield

BBX Capital Asset Management

Ricardo Caporal

The Mattoni Group

Matt Ferrari

TruAmerica Multifamily

Bruce Gago


Michael Ging

Alliance Residential Company

Susan LaFleur


Joe Lubeck

American Landmark

Jeff McDonough


Brad Meltzer

Plaza Construction

Jeff Meran

Mill Creek Residential Trust

Dev Motwani

Merrimac Ventures

Mike Rabold


Stewart Royer

Avalon Communities

Chuck Shallat

Lincoln Property Company

Justin Toal

Fifteen Group

Greg West

ZOM Living

Todd Wigfield


Jon Wood

Legacy Partners

Get Involved

Speakers & Agenda

Amanda Powers
(646) 783-3952


Scott Milliken
(646) 862-9912

Sponsorship & Exhibiting:

Amber Collins
(646) 783-3937


7:45 AM – 8:45 AM

Breakfast, Networking & 1-to-1 Meetings

8:45 AM – 8:55 AM

Opening Remarks

8:55 AM – 9:10 AM

Market Presentation: Florida v. National Markets

Learn how Florida multifamily markets compare to other key markets across the country. Get the latest data on apartment property construction, demand, supply, pricing and more.

9:15 AM – 10:00 AM

10th Inning Stretch: A Developers Forecast on Florida

South Florida has been the hotbed for luxury, A-class apartment development for the last decade, yet demand for that product type has slowed and many capital sources have ventured north to Central Florida and beyond to find new development opportunities. However, demand for housing remains strong, the condo market is experiencing a resurgence and new opportunities continue to sprout in underserved areas. How are developers mitigating risk in this stage of the cycle while still exploring future opportunities to be realized in the next cycle?

  • Forces at work: the economic outlook and impact on apartment demand
  • The unexpected: Areas that have been overlooked yet are ripe for new multifamily
  • Unlocking opportunity: Nuances to securing transit-oriented development opportunities
  • Dividing the pie: How JV deals on new builds are being structured today
  • More than four walls: Secrets to activating community and enabling lifestyle


Moderated by:

  • Danielle Gonzalez, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig



  • Andrew Hellinger, Co-Founder & Principal, Urban-X Group
  • Jim Stine, President, Ram Real Estate
  • Philip Tague, Chairman, AMLI Development

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Networking Break & 1-to-1 Meetings

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM

Needle in the Haystack: Value-Add Investment & Acquisition Strategies

While dry powder remains abundant, finding deals that make sense is more difficult and structuring the deal can often be more complex. While previously it may have made more sense to build new product, with high land costs, buying existing product at this point may yield better returns. And while the name of the game used to be 80s rehabs, most of the good opportunities have been picked over and investors are having to expand both geographically and possibly into other types of multifamily such as senior living or student housing to find the next good opportunity. How can investors find the good deals before others and what are the most effective ways to upgrade property today?

  • Sanity check: How much longer will this expansion last?
  • Work-life balance: How the work from home model is changing the value-add landscape
  • Beyond the horizon: Which areas offer the greatest investment opportunities
  • Close to the vest: The new formula for underwriting a deal and structuring investments
  • Competing with new builds: Incorporating the latest technology into older product



  • Moshe Popack, President, YMP Real Estate
  • Mark Sanders, Founder, Fifteen Group
  • Chris Finlay, Chairman & CEO, Lloyd Jones Investment Multifamily
  • Neal Herman, Senior Director, Capital & Acquisitions, InvestRes

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM

PropTech: Innovations & Technology in Property Management

As rents begin to move sideways and lease ups slow, owners need to do more to attract and retain tenants through incentives, amenities, services and often as not the latest technology. Yet, with revenue stagnating, smart operators must rein in capital budget expenditures, particularly and come up with opportunities to generate ancillary incomes to keep the net income growing. What are some creative ways managers are generating income, driving down costs while simultaneously improving the tenant experience?

  • Say what you mean: The new ABCs of customer service
  • Mean what you say: Green efforts that aren’t lip service
  • The people machine: Finding and keeping good people who get your mission
  • Cha-ching: The amenities and services that drive tenants to pay more
  • Bottom-line: Technologies that bring costs down and tenant satisfaction up



  • Claire Michaels, Regional Vice President, Fairfield Residential
  • Henry Pineiro, SVP Asset Management, Allen Morris Co.

11:35 AM – 12:20 PM

The Good, the Bad and the Equity: Today’s Multifamily Financing Options

While multifamily continues to present opportunities and many equity investors have capital to deploy, high acquisition prices and tightening financing terms are putting the brakes on deal flow. Further, as interest rates continue to climb and banks becoming more risk-averse in their underwriting, completing your capital stack on terms you can accept becomes a complex puzzle. Also, with equity sources increasingly moving over to the debt side, who’s left to fund the equity in your next deal? What do you need to know today about raising and deploying equity capital? Which debt sources make the most sense for acquisition, rehab, new development or refinance of a stabilized property, and what should you expect the terms to be?

  • Devil you know: How to leverage long standing relationships to get better terms
  • Short squeeze: Gaming interest rate uncertainty when planning a future refinance
  • CREXIT: Where all that foreign capital went, and how it’s changing real estate finance
  • Risk and reward: Straight talk from active lenders and equity sources
  • Know when to hold’em: Structuring your investors’ hold period for an uncertain future



  • John Bezzant, Chief Investment Officer, AIMCO
  • Marc Suarez, Director, Hunt Real Estate Capital

11:35 AM – 12:20 PM

The Next Generation of Multifamily: Innovations in Design & Development

With ever increasing costs in both land acquisition and construction, apartment developers are being forced to be more creative than ever when designing a new project. Further, current uncertainty due to both politics and market timing mean that what may make sense on paper may prove foolhardy in the ground. What are some of the lessons learned from the end of the last cycle? What are some of the recent innovations that are now tried and tested? What are smart ways to “value engineer” projects already underway without sacrificing the quality of the result?

  • Mixed use state of mind: Retail, hotel and office space in apartment development
  • Less is more: Co-living, amenities and rethinking of price per square foot
  • Flying cars: Designing and planning for changes in parking demand
  • No, wait: Best practices for re-designing after your already in the ground
  • Next-gen resident: Technology that your next building cannot do without



  • Michael Wohl, Partner, Pinnacle Housing
  • Ryan Shear, Principal, Property Market Group

12:20 PM – 1:10 PM

Networking Lunch & 1-to-1 Meetings

12:30 PM – 1:05 PM

Lunch Workshop – New Trump Administration Updates: Federal, State and Local Energy & Specialty Tax Incentives

The presentation is designed to provide New Trump Administration Updates to Federal, State and Local Energy & Specialty Tax Incentives and provide clarity to the design, qualification and certification process to maximize results and cost savings on Purchases, Renovations, Improvements and New Construction projects. During this presentation, you will be able to understand how to capture and best utilize Cost Segregation, Energy Tax Credits (like 179D for commercial buildings and 45L tax credits for residential and multi-family projects) on a local and national scale.

Presented by:

  • Mike D’Onofrio, Managing Director, Engineered Tax Services

1:05 PM – 1:20 PM

Special Presentation: Project Destined

1:20 PM – 1:50 PM

Afternoon Fireside Keynote Chat

1:50 PM – 2:50 PM

Post-Conference Reception & 1-to-1 Meetings

Roundtables (NEW for 2018)

If you are interested in participating in a closed-door roundtable, contact Scott Milliken at scott@greenpearlevents.com.

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Ground-Up Development: A Closed-Door Roundtable

This closed-door session brings together active multifamily developers and builders to discuss shared challenges in apartment and condo development today, with the goal of exploring ideas and solutions to those challenges.

Participants include:

  • Jeff McDonough, Stiles
  • Jeff Meran, Mill Creek Residential Trust
  • Todd Wigfield, Greystar
  • Chuck Shallat, Lincoln Property Company
  • Mike Ging, Alliance Residential Company
  • Greg West, ZOM Living
  • David Canfiield, BBX Capital
  • Jon Wood, Legacy Partners
  • David Adler, Adler Group

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Investors Insider: A Closed-Door Roundtable

This closed-door session brings together multifamily investors to discuss shared challenges in acquisitions and investment today, with the goal of exploring ideas and solutions to those challenges.

Participants include:

  • Stewart Royer, Avalon Communities
  • Ricardo Caporal, The Mattoni Group
  • Bruce Gago, FCP
  • Joe Lubeck, American Landmark
  • Justin Toal, Fifteen Group
  • Dev Motwani, Merrimac Ventures
  • Matt Ferrari, TruAmerica Multifamily
  • Matt Adler, Mast Capital
  • Mike Rabold, Marrinson
  • Jeffrey Goldberg, Milestone


Pinnacle Financial Partners
Thornton Construction Company


Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina
2301 SE 17th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
We have reserved a block for attendees at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina for the nights of November 8th and 9th. The room rate is $179.00 per night plus tax. Reserve your room by clicking here.
Please note that the discount is available until October 18th or until the rooms sell out, whichever comes first.

Map & Directions

About the Venue

The event will take place at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina (formerly, the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six). Please note that the conference will take place in the Panorama Ballroom, newly renovated in 2018. View the 360 Tour of the new Panorama Ballroom.

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Speakers & Agenda

Amanda Powers
(646) 783-3952


Scott Milliken
(646) 862-9912

Sponsorship & Exhibiting:

Amber Collins
(646) 783-3937